My Depraved Brothers

Directed by:  Tang Tang
Starring:  To Tai Yu  Wan Siu Lun  Shu Chang  Ko
Hung  Wu Xiu Bo  Hong Wah
            Coffe Lu Jing Jing

Tien and Fei are two brothers who were separated
during childhood and lived very different lives
growing up.  When they’re finally reunited, Tien is
shocked to learn that Fei is now a ruthless man
who will stop at nothing to get what he wants.  

Tien struggles to maintain a cordial relationship
with Fei, until a shocking incident gives him no
choice but to go against his own long lose sibling.
Dali Princess  大理公主

She yearns for vengeance in a time of chaos.  But will her
hatred bring her regrets in the end.

Director:  Pu Teng Jin, Li Hai Xing, Zhang Xiao Zheng
Starring:  Lin Xin Ru, Liu Tao, Wang Ban, Fan Zhi Qi, Xu
Zeng, Jin Shi Zi

Sai and Yuet are two sisters in the Dali province separated
at birth during the tumultuous last days of the Ching
Dynasty.  When Sai’s mother is killed by Dali’s richest man
Hoi’s by accident, she befriends his daughter as part of her
scheme to ruin Hoi’s family, not realizing that Hoi’s
daughter is actually her own sister Yuet.  Fimed on location
in China’s pastoral Dali province, Dali Princess is also an
emotional tale of one woman’s
determination to right the wrongs.