Royal Tramp

Only one man can turn the Ching
Dynasty upside down and his name is
Wei Xiaobao

Adapted from the classic martial arts
novel of the same name by Louis Cha Aka
Chin Yung, the king of martial art
storytellers, Royal Tramp stars Wang Xiao
Ming (Condor Hero) as the legendary Wei
Xiaobao.  Raised in a Yangzhou brothel,
Wei is a witty, humorous and sometimes
ruthless scamp who knows no kungfu.  
Through a series of adventures, he ends
up not only as the trusted advisor to
emperor Qing Lung, but also a fake
eumuch, the head of a secret society and
a Manchurian officer and has gone to as
far as Russia and also marrying seven
beautiful wives.  Regarded by many as
Louis Cha’s best novel, this latest TV
incarnation is the finest yet, with
breathtaking visuals and superb fights
that will leave viewers asking for more!

Directed by: Yu Min
Starring:  Wang Ziao Ming   Chung Hon
Leung   Cherrie Yin Cai Er   Wang Gang
         Zhang Tie Lin   Ning Jing  
         He Zhuo   Yan   Shu Chang