The Story of Han Dynasty

In times of turbulence, legendary heroes emerge while the strongest
survive, the most brilliant rule.

Directed: Wai Han Tao,  Huang Wai Ming, Li Ji Qiang
Starring:  Hu Kwan, Kristy Yeung, Wu Chien Lien, Xiao Rong sheng,
              Wang Gang, Li Li Qun, Wu Yue, Shen Au Gun

The sttempts to overturn the tyrant king of Qin, China’s first Emperor
and the mastermind behind the Great Wall, are chronicled in this
stirring historical saga highlighted by epic battle sequences.  After Qin
dismantled the so-called “Six Nations”, veteran warriors from these
disbanded countries joined hands and declared their rebellion against
the Qin Dynasty.  But even with their expertise I battle strategies, it will
take more than just sheer force and mere bravery to bring down the
all-powerful Qin.
Huo Yuan Jia

A Fearless Hero Regenerates China with the Grace of his Kung Fu

Directed by:  Kuk Kwok Leung
Starring:  Ekin Cheng Yee Kin  Jordan Chan Siu Chun  Zhou Mu Yin  Xiu

Ekin Cheng (the Storm Riders) is legendary national Hero/Martial arts
master Fok Yuen Kap in this breathtaking kung fu drama.  When China
was threatened by the invasion off foreign powers in the late Ching
Dynasty, Fok learned kung fu secretly against his father’s wises and
created his own style of fist stances.  He eventually succeeded in uniting
different kung fu clans in his quest to go against the foreigners and helped
China get rid of the derogatory term “The sick man of Asia”.
Filled with wall-to-wall kung fu fights, Fok Yuen Kap is an exciting reteling
of the saga of a fearless hero.
Condor Hero

They defied the world …just to be together

Director:  Yu Min
Starring:  Liu Yi Fei  Wang Xiao Ming  Meng Guang Mei Gao Hu  Wang
Luo Yong  Kong Lin  Chen Zi Han

In this epic kung fu saga adapted from Louis Cha’s beloved martial arts
novel  The Legend of Condor Hero,  the orphaned Yang Gor is taken to
Chuen Jun Clan to learn kung fu.  However, Yang soon gets tired of the
bullying by the clan’s priests and escapes.  His encounter with the
mysterious and beautiful Dragon Girl, leader of the powerful Tomb Sect,
will change his life forever.  Filled with outlandish fights and arresting
visuals,  Condor Hero is one soaring martial arts adventure!
Kung Fu Beggar

So Chan hates beggars, yet he becomes a beggar.  What makes him
so legendary?  Is it destiny or mystery?

Starring:  Pu Ye dong, Chan Kwok Kwen, Lam Chi Chung, Yuen Chau,
             Ng Man Tat,  Huang Yi, Tin Kai Man
Director:  Wellson Chin, Chan Wai Cheung

This incredible martial arts TV series tells the legendary story of So
Chan, the leader of the Beggar Clan.  So was born in a rich family.  As
a spoiled son, he has been arrogant and bully until he meets “the Ugl
Girl”, who encourages him to participate I the Kung Fu Competition held
in the capital.
It becomes the turning point of his life and makes him a kindhearted
leader of the Beggar Clan.
He even helps the king to build a rich and prosperous country.