The Tearful Sword  淚痕劍

Director:  Ge Li
Starring:  Jiao En Jun.Ada Choi.  Fei He Nan.  Tan
Jun Xi

In this brooding martial arts series based on Ku
Lung’s novel Heroes Shed No Tears. A friendship
between two swordsmen Sze Ma and Cheuk turns
into hatred as they both compete for the title of
leader of the martial arts world.  When Sze Ma is
killed in an ambush.  It is up to his admirer Ko and
his weapon.  The Tearful Sword.  To go against
Cheuk.  Who has devised his own evil scheme to
have Ko eliminated.
Sword Stained with Royal Blood

When an empire falls, one man rises against all odds to seek bloody

Director:  Zhang Ji Zhong
Starrting:  Dou Zhi Kong, Huang Sheng Yi, Sun Fei Fei, Wu Ma, Siu Suk
Sen, Jiao En Jun
From the producer who brought you the spectacular Condor Hero
comes this big-budget TV adaptation of Louis Cha’s martial arts novel
classic!  During the chaotic last years of the Ming Dynasty, the son of
Marshal Yuen the sole survivor of a family massacre by corrupt
constables, befriends a mysterious man who uses the golden snake
sword, an incredibly powerful weapon.  Yuen learns kung fu from him
and vows to take revenge on those who have killed his father and his
family, with help from the beautiful swordswoman Ching Ching (Huang
Sheng Yi from Stephen Chow’s Kung Fu Hustle).  A powerful tale of
revenge, Sword Stained With Royal Blood’s also filled with breathtaking
martial arts sequences that will blow you away!
The Handsome Siblings

Caught between love, loyalty and rivalry, Two twin brothers must now
go against each other.

Director by:  Wong Jing
Starring:  Dicky Cheung Wai Kin,  Nicholas Tse, Fan Bing Bing,  
  Yumiko Cheng,  Yuan Quan, Elvis Tsui, Wang Bai Zhao,
  Wu Qing Zhe

Pop superstar Nicholas Tse (A Man Called Hero, Gen X Cops) and TV
superstar Dickie Cheung are the leads in this martial arts adventure
based partially on the famous novel by Ku Lung.  Twin Brothers Yu and
Fa were separated by birth and trained by rival kung fu master.  They
meet again 18 years later with no knowledge of their identities and
become friends, but their stepfather’s rivalry force them to be foes.  
When a conspiracy to take over the martial arts world emerges,
however, Yu and Fa must unite to defeat the invincible enemy.  Filled
with comedy, drama, and exciting fights, The Handsome Siblings is one
handsome, rousing kung fu saga for the whole family!
The Patriotic Knights

They fight for love, for honor, and for their people

Director:  Kuk Kwok Leung
Starring:  Chen Long / Xiao Qiang / Chung Hon Leung / He Mei Tian /
   Ko Hung/ Tsui Siu Keung / Wang De Shun

In this television adaptation of the martial arts novel by renowned writer
Liang Yusheng (The Bride with white Hair, Seven Swordsmen),  The
powerful head of the Manchurian constable is scheming to prevent
marial artists from rebelling against the Ching government.  Only Kam, a
scoundrel who is actually a superb martial artist in disguise, can see
through the constable’s plan.  He teams up with other fighters and vows
to overthrow the Manchurians.
The Patriotic Knights is a stirring martial arts saga about honor.  Love,
and the revolutionary spirit.