Twin of Brothers

Legend has it that the “immortality routine” is the key to the “Yeung’s
Treasure”.  Kau Chung (Lam Raymond) and Tsu Chi Ling (Ng Cheuk
Hai) learn the martial arts tricks in the “immortality Routine” by chance.  
They suddenly become the most wanted people in the martial world.  
Luckily, they are always saved by a nun SZE Fei Huen (Tong Leila).  
Ling loves Huen from the first sight.  However, she is a sacred virgin and
cannot have any love affair.  On the other hand, a girl Wan (Wu Ting
Yan) from an unorthodox sect loves Ling.

Meanwhile, Chung and Ling meet Lee Sai Man (Yeung Tak Cheong),
who later becomes the Tang Dynasty Prince, and his sister Lee Sau
Ning (Yeung Yi).  Chung is attracted to Ning and so works for them.  
Unfortunately, Ning is engaged to a tycoon Chai Shiu (Mao Hu Afeng),  
who is jealous of Chung and tries to harm him.  Chung swears to create
his own success and draws a line with Man.  In fact, Chung’s
argumentative friend Sung Yuk Chi (Li Qian) loves him secretly.
Whatever it Takes

The Empress placed his youg son, Luther (Chan Ho Man, Benny), into a
basket on the river in order to save him from Wu Zetian (Law Koon
Lan).  Luther was forstered by Lady Ko (Law Lan).  Luther fell in love to
Mo Yung Suet (Yeung Yi) so as his foster brother Ko Lik Sze (Mak
Cheung Ching) did.

The leading God in heaven realized the “Dragon Ball”  was being
covered with dust.  He sent a Goddess, Brigette (Man Chung Han), to
earth to clean it.  Unfortunately, she was sucked into the ball and Wu
finally became empress.  Years later, Luther recovers the “Dragon Ball”.
Brigette somehow escapes from the ball.  They face many difficulties on
the way.  Accidentally he realizes that he is the real prince….