Wing Chun

Only a true martial arts master can embrace the true arts of Wing Chun

Directed by:  Edmond Fung Gary Sing
Starring:  Nicholas Tse,  Yuen Biao,  Sammo Hung Kam-Bo,  Hu Ke,  
            Rain Li,  Sammy Hung

Pop idol Nicholas Tse (The Promise) stars in this megahit martial arts
drama as liang, the rebellious eldest son of zan, master of Yong Chun
Quan.  But difficulties arise between father and son as Zan refuses to
teach Liang martial arts because he finds him arrogant and naïve.  
Meanwhile, Liang must Master the skills of Youg Chun to beat his rival
Ko, who is ruthless and has an eye for Liang’s lover.  Only a duel
between Ko and Liang can settle the score once and for all.  With
amazing kung fu action,  Wing Chun (aka Youg Chun) is one fabulous
martial arts adventure that will leave you breathless!
Project A

This A is for Action!

Directed by:  Wong Jing
Starring:  Dicky Cheung Wai Kin, Patrick Tam Yiu Man, Gillian  
            Chung,Chan Wai, Yuen Chau, Wong Jing,
            Leung Ka Yan, Deep Ng

Dicky Cheung (Kung Fu Soccer, the Handsome Siblings) is a coast
quard officer in early 20th century Hong Kong who must battle
corrupt warlords and ruthless pirates in this rousing action
adventure inspired by the original Project A movie starring Jackie
Chan!  With an all-star cast that includes Gillian Chung from the
pop duo group Twins and filled with astonishing action sequences,
Project A is an adrenaline-pumping, high sea adventure that is a
worthy companion to the Jackie Chan action comedy classic!
Men & Legends

Northern and Southern Kung Fu come together as two youg heroes
unite to defend China!

Directed by:  Wang Qiu Yu,  Bai Yun Mo
Starring:  Ho Yun Tung,  Guo Pin Chao,  Kok Lei,  Xu Qi Wen,  
            Wang Hing Xiang,  Wang Zeng Chun,  Liu Rong Jia

Two legendary kung fu masters,  Fok Yuen Gaap and Wong fei
Hung, join forces to strengthen China with their martial arts
teachings.  But their plan suffered a setback when Fok is killed by
poison.  His disciple Fung teams up with Wong’s student Yuen to
investigate, and discover that the murder is part of the Japanese
conspiracy to invade China.  Now, the two of them must carry out
their master’s wishes and fight off the enemies.

Cased partially on Bruce Lee’s Fist of Fury and the famous Once
Upon a time in China series, Men and Legends is a rousing martial
arts saga filled to the brim with amazing, old-school style kung fu
The Little Fairy 天外飛仙

Will she give up her immortality for the mortal she loves?

Produced by:  Li Kwok Lap
Starring:  Hu Ge,  Lin Yi Seng,  Dou Zhi Kong,  TAE, Han Xue

In this fatasy fable set in ancient China, the seventh daughter of
Heaven’s Emperor is sent to the mortal world as punishment for her
naughtiness.  While there, she falls in love with Tung,  a young
man.  After pleading with her father, she was allowed to return there
and be with Tung for another 100 days.  Now she must decide
whether to return to the heavens at the end of the 100th day and
regain her immortality, or remain on earth and stay with her beloved
until she dies.
Singing When You are Sad  悲傷時唱首歌

He is willing to do anything for his sick wife but is he doing it for love
or for duty?

Directed by:  Wu Yi Juan
Starring:  Huang Lei,  Jia Jing Wen, Shen Xiao Hai,  Pan Hong,  Cao
Si Wen

A Loving husband must decide what he should do when he finds
out that his mentally ill wife is pregnant with his child,  who may also
suffer the same fate as his mother when he grows up.  Singing
when you are sad is a heart wrenching tale about the emotional
baggage a family must endure when mental illness enters the