Fox Volant of the Snowy Mountain

Directed by:  Wong Jing
Starring:  Nie Yuan, Gillian Chung, Anthony Wong,  Alex Fong,  
              Patrick Tam,  An Yi   Xuan, Athena Chu

Can one final duel dissolve generations of vengeance?

The young Hu Fei possesses the same martial arts skills as his
father, who was thought to have been killed by Miao Ren Feng,
another formidable fighter.  On his way to challenge Miao o a duel on
the snowy mountain, however, Hu Fei finds himself fallen in lobe with
several girls, one of whom is Miao’s daughter, Ruolan.  Will his love
for Ruolan bring an end to the never ending family feud?

Co-starring A Chinese Odyssey’s Athena Chu, Gillan Chung From
the pop group sensation Twins, ad the great Anthony Wong, Fox
Volant of the Snowy Mountain is yet another stirring interpretation of
Louis Cha’s beloved masterpiece.
Seven Swords Man

In a world ravaged with violence, seven supreme swordsmen must
fight for peace.

Director:  Jacob Cheung,  Clarence Fok Yiu Leung,  Sing Chi Chao
Starring:  Chiu Man Chak,  Ada Choi,  Wang Xue Bing,  Ray Lui,  
Qiao Zhen Yu,
              Leung Ka Yan, Li Xian Ran,  Patrick Tam Yiu Man

In this kung fu saga set in 17th century China, the Manchurians
have taken over the country from the Ming dynasty rulers.  As the
new Ching government begins a crackdown on martial arts
practitioners, seven kung fu masters each of whom carry a sword
that represents one of the seven states of being, must struggle to
keep their art and themselves alive.  Based on the classic martial
arts novel by renowned novelist Liang Yusheng,  Seven Swordsmen
is an epic story of love, betrayal, friendship, heroism, and masterful
The Young Warriors

They are the seven sons of the Yang family.  They fight for
honor, for their country, and for their beloved.

Starring:  Hu Ge, Ho Yun Tung, Amy Chan, Yung Ka Ming, Chen
              Peng Yu Yan, Yuen Hong
Produced by:  Li Kwok Lap

During the dying days of the North Han Dynasty, North Han
official Yang and his seven sons swear to protect the new Sung
regime against the impeding invasion by the neighboring Liu
army.  But a trap set by the Liu Empress leads to the demise of
six of the seven Yang brothers.  Now the only survivor must carry
out his father’s wishes alone.  A stirring epic, The Young Warriors
is compelling drama about loyalty and patriotism.