Shipping Fee and Services
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手机  Yvonne (602)319-3658      

When you are ready to order product, either fax to 480-753-7110
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Payment method;

  •    call in (480-753-7006) to pay credit card
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Mailing Address:
Chinese Movie Shop LLC
6045 W Chandler Blvd # 13
Chandler AZ 85226

Stander Shipping cost:

1st TV Series $2.95 and plus add $1.00 each for more items
(as example 2 TV series + 1 movie =$4.95 shipping fee)

1st Movie $2.95 and plus add $1.00 for more items
(as example 3 movies =$3.95 shipping fee)

Special shipping will charge extract fee   

Any question on shipping fees?  Please call or email
Return Police:

  • Will give full refund if product keep in good condition and have not
    been opened within 30 days.
  • Will replace if there is defective product but not for intentional
    damaged the products.
Shipping Fee and Services
有電影片 Movies 電视劇集 TV Series  
  • 有 国语 粤语 中英文字
  • (部份節目-可租) 全部 可寄 可訂
  • DVD 影碟 - 修理小问题 - (全部影碟 合用美国机)
  • 有 画画 花瓶 中国工艺品 中港台-電话卡   
  • 收小费 - 为你服务 - 代辩理护照 和其它事务

Store at 6045 W Chandler Blvd # 13
(或電手机 602-319-3658 可用 -
store phone  
  • Chinese Movies and TV Series sales and some for rental
  • Rentals can pick up at Lee Lee's Market area (local only)
  • Order any title for you if you can not find it in here
  • Repair DVD for miner Scratches
  • International Phone Cards
  • Pictures, Arts and Crafts

(All products can mail or local pick up)
Call Now 602-319-3658 Cell  
Please install Chinese Language to view properly
All DVDs are (Region 1 or All)
They are compatible with the (American DVD player)
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全部影碟 合用美国机